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McWoods Distribution Company is a family owned, diverse, small business located in Oakland, California, in an area designated as both as Hub Zone and Opportunity Zone. McWoods Distribution distributes several product lines directly to a variety of California business entities, and is also positioned to service companies with diversity-driven directives or where supplier quotas are present.

Protective Gloves for Medical, Dental, & Industrial Use*

As a top-tier Distributor for Sempermed USA Inc. and Ventyv™ in conjunction with MAP1080, McWoods can compete in all markets with price and service advantages. Sempermed and Ventyv provide a complete product line that fits nicely with multiple uses for industry, educational, medical, and safety. McWoods is positioned to distribute gloves to both government and non-government entities.

Sempermed  has over 95 years of manufacturing experience, and HAS long been a pioneer within the disposable glove industry. Sempermed ranks among the world’s largest medical and industrial glove manufacturers, supplying quality hand protection products.

Industrial GlovesExam, Sterile, Surgical Gloves

Ventyv creates products that protect the world from infection. Their disposable gloves offer comfortable, easy-to-use hand protection for proper hygiene. Ventyv™ is a member of Sri Trang Agro-Industries, the world’s largest fully integrated natural rubber company. Sri Trang Agro also owns Sri Trang Gloves Thailand, a state-of-the-art glove manufacturer with five worldwide facilities.

Ventyv Gloves
  • NAICS 423450 - Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 423490 - Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 339113 - Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing

JanSan and Single Use Product*

McWoods distributes janitorial, sanitation, and maintenance products tailored to meet their customer’s needs. McWoods supply lines are broad and competitive in governmental, medical, and industrial markets.

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  • NAICS 424130: Industrial and Personal Service Paper Merchant Wholesalers
  • NAICS 314910: Textile Bag and Canvas Mills 326111 Plastics Bag and Pouch Manufacturing
  • NAICS 423990: Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers

Hospital, Medical, & Institutional Bedding*

McWoods is a provider of institutional furniture solutions and bedding that is specially designed for hospitality, healthcare, and assisted living facilities looking to create safe and secure environments. Products also pertain to other markets such as university dormitories and correctional facilities.

Bedding Solutions

HSM Solutions | Perceptive Sleep | Transitional Sleep Systems | OEM Foam Medical Mattresses | Parks Health Products

  • NAICS 423210, 423220, 337122, 337910 - Hospital, Medical, & Institutional Bedding Supplies and Furniture

Office Supplies & Furniture*

McWoods provides workplace essentials including general office supplies and office furniture. With catalog offerings from the nation’s top brands, McWoods supplies offices with the tools, furnishings and supplies for workplace efficiency and comfort.

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  • NAICS 424120, 424130, 424600, 314910, 339940: JANSAN Products and Office Supplies


*McWoods Distribution is partnered with MAP1080, an SDVOSB distributor with sales history from top US distributors.  MAP1080 has led the way in creating a diversity model that promotes local, reliable, responsive sales and delivery. MAP1080 is the supplier for McWoods Distribution products.